Minori, Yukio & Rumiko Yoshita, Kinzangama Kiln (Kutani ware)

The Kinzangama Kiln is a pottery studio established by the Yoshita Family in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan over 100 years ago.   The region is known for distinctive decorative techniques over fine porcelain ware.  The Kiln, currently lead by its fourth generation Yukio Yoshita, has an excellent reputation in number of Overglaze decoration techniques using gold. The third generation Minori is a bearer of the honorable Living National Treasure of Japan with his outstanding skills on the one of distinctive techniques of the region called Yuri-Kinsai. Please see their website for more detail.

The Horiuchi Foundation, as part of its cultural exchange programme, has helped to promote the brand internationally by providing practical support for their participation in the UK trade show, ‘Ceramic Art London’ at the Royal College of Art in 2011. The Foundation has been supporting Kinzangama Kiln’s international development as a consultant since then.