Stephanie Quayle

Stephanie Quayle’s first solo exhibition in Japan, was supported by the Horiuchi Foundation in 2013. Her works were exhibited at Nantenshi Gallery and T-Gallery, Tokyo.

The exhibition publication’s cost was covered by the Horiuchi Foundation.

The Horiuchi Foundation also supported Stephanie’s two month residency in Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park, Japan in 2014. Her residency was followed by a solo exhibition at POST gallery, Tokyo.


Born, lives and works on the farm in the Isle of Man.

Quayle has gained a masters degree in Sculpture from Royal College of Arts. Having raised and living on the farm with animals, immersed in the countryside environment and spending time in the wilderness of the Belize, Laos, Bangladesh and Japan, are vital experiences, which informs and drives her work. Her works has been exhibited through out the world, including at many reputable galleries in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belize, Japan, China and Italy.